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Driving with a stinky, smelly holding tank is unacceptable. It can ruin a great day of adventure with the family. So, in this buying  guide, we’re featuring the best RV holding tank treatment and their benefits along with things you need to know about its types and benefits. Ready? Let’s begin.

Benefits of RV Holding Tank Treatment

Benefits Of RV Holding Tank Treatment
Treating your RV’s holding tank is a necessary evil amongst campers and travelers alike. Nobody wants to do it, but also nobody wants to drive around inside a stinky trailer or RV. Luckily there are a variety of tank holder treatments available in the market right now. The question is, how do you choose the Best RV Holding Tank Treatment?

The proper treatment could solve a plethora of RV issues: preventing major clogs — keeping you from spending money on a holding tank emergency, masking or eliminating the odor, and even helping in cleaning your tank’s system.

Here in this column piece, we list the top Holding Tank Treatments on the market right now to help you drive problem-free on your next trip.

Top 10 best RV holding tank treatment

Camco’s TST Orange Drop-Ins RV Toilet Treatment

Camco TST Ultra-Concentrated Orange Citrus Scent RV Toilet Treatment Drop-Ins, Formaldehyde Free, Breaks Down Waste And Tissue, Septic Tank Safe, 30-Pack (41183)
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  • Ready to use drop-in capsules
  • The trusted brand of many campers
  • Can disintegrate if not kept properly
  • No portion control scoops

Camco is notorious among seasoned campers for being the ‘it’ brand.

With a plethora of products specialized in cleaning, outdoor camping essentials and furniture, sewer hoses, and many other, it is the first brand everyone would think to test.

The Camco TST Orange Drop-Ins RV Toilet Treatment aids in breaking down and eliminating wastes and tissue for your RV’s holding tank.

Our pick comes in a fresh citrus orange scent with an ultra-concentrated formula; just one drop of this bad boy is all you need to treat a 40-gallon holding tank, and it does not just mask the foul odor; it controls it for up to seven days. 

The Camco TST Orange Drop-Ins is also 100% biodegradable and non-toxic for marine life, an essential aspect for any sustainable camper. It’s safe for all septic tanks and marine use, and it also does not contain the toxic formaldehyde-releasing ingredient of bronopol.

Camco is well known for its standard, and its affordability for a pack of the Camco TST Orange Drop-Ins contains 30 drop-ins that you could use for a long time — assuming that you would empty and treat a tank three times a week, a pack of Camco Drop-Ins can last you up to two months.

Walex Porta-Pak Sunglow Holding Tank Deodorizer Drop-Ins

  • Lighter in weight than liquid chemicals
  • Long-lasting scent and effectiveness
  • More pouches needed in the summer
  • RV-sized waste tank over a porta-potty

Here is another easy to use, no-spill RV holding tank deodorizer — the Walex Porta-Pak Holding Tank Deodorizer, with its claims of being the number one portion control deodorizer in the world.

Porta-Pak’s potent formula, proven by millions, decomposes and cleans wastes and tissues, disinfects holding tanks, and offers commercial-grade foul odor prevention.

Our pick comes in the original Sunglow Scent with their non-staining color formula in easy-to-drop-in deodorizer pouches that keep things fresh smelling the entire time.

A positive is it is 100% biodegradable, free of formaldehyde, and will not clog your RV’s holding tank pipes.

This affordable pack comes in a packet of 10s to 100s, aiding your needs for either a weeks’ worth of road tripping or keeping portable toilets clean and fresh smelling in an outdoor concert ground.

Happy Campers Organic RV Holding Tank Treatment

  • Ideal for use on any clogged pipes
  • It comes with a pre-measured scooper
  • Powdered has the potential to be messy
  • Can harden if not stored properly

On the more economical choices on this list comes the Happy Campers Organic RV Holding Tank Treatment.

Not only is it the best and most effective odor eliminator in the market for black and grey RV holding tanks, but it is also proven to be effective under extreme weather, hot or cold.

The Happy Camper Organic RV Holding Tank Treatment is organic. It does not mask its effectiveness with artificial scents and fragrances.

It is powered by its water-activated mineral blend formula, ensuring no chemical or sewer smell as you drive your RV camper.

The Happy Camper formula works more like an enzyme or a bioactive ingredient, and you do not need to add more regularly just how much the directions instruct you.

The Happy Camper is 100% organic and safe for the environment as it is biodegradable and all-natural. 

One scoop of the product can treat up to a 40-gallon black tank, while you double the scoop if treating your silver tank, which is more greasy and oily. 

Another headliner of this product is its versatility; Happy Camper is powdered, ideal for clog pipes in the kitchen or the bathroom, in your boat, or for marine use. 

Cabin Obsession RV Toilet Treatment Drop-Ins

RV Toilet Treatment Drop Ins - 24 Easy Flush Self-Dissolving RV Black Tank Treatment Packets - Eliminate Odors and Break Down Waste Within Your RV Holding Tank
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  • Organic, biodegradable and all-natural
  • Well packaged and easy to use
  • Recommended shelf life of one year
  • Tiny self-dissolving packets

Invest in these drop-ins and expect nothing less but stellar results;

This is the Cabin Obsession RV Toilet Treatment Drop-Ins; it gets rid of foul odors and breaks down waste in a little highly concentrated packet. 

The thing that makes this product unparalleled is it contains a natural enzyme that deodorizes, disperses RV toilet paper, and digests waste, in turn releasing a fresh fragrance reminiscent of clean laundry. 

It is also painless to use as all you have to do is drop it on the toilet and flush it down to work its magic on your black tank. 

The Cabin Obsession RV Toilet Treatment is safe for all tanks and works all season, whether on the hottest of summer or the coldest of all winters. 

This holding tank treatment is formaldehyde-free and organic, making it one hundred percent sustainable and earth-friendly; also safe to use. 

The Cabin Obsession RV Toilet Treatment Drop-ins come in a tub with a pack of 10 to 24 self-dissolving pods that can last you for a long time. 

Walex Bio-Pak Enzyme Deodorizer and Waste Digester Drop-Ins

  • No waste easy to use pre-measured packet
  • Fresh scent to mask the foul odor
  • Not suitable for grey water tank
  • Not ideal for hot temperatures

Here is something easy to use and efficient in breaking down stool and toilet paper: Walex Bio-Pak in Alpine Fresh. 

It has a natural enzyme that is highly effective in disinfecting and getting rid of nasty odors in one pine-scented packet that dissolves in a matter of seconds in your RV holding tank’s waters. 

It breaks down waste and even regular tissue paper; no need for the more expensive specialty kind made for RVers. 

The bio-pack, being an enzyme-based product, is safe to use even on septic tanks. 

Our pick comes in a fresh Alpine scent that leaves your RV’s holding tank smelling of pine trees. 

The Bio-Pak is biocide-free, formaldehyde-free, zinc and copper-free, totally safe for the environment, for your use, and your RV holding tank. 

The pack comes in bunches of 10s or 12s, perfect for almost a couple of months’ use. 

Unique RV Digest-It Holding Tank Treatment

  • Compact container and travel friendly 
  • Non-toxic, organic and all-natural
  • Liquid so it can spill
  • Bigger sizes are bulky for travel

Another excellent option for treating your RV’s holding tank is Unique’s RV Digest-It Holding Tank Treatment. 

RV Digest-It is a liquid enzyme solution designed for RV and marine use. 

One of the significant turn offs among RV treatments with campers is the strong chemical smell some brands and types have, and Unique’s RV Digest-It has none of that; it is odor-free and does a great job in eliminating sewer smell. 

Unique’s RV Digest-It does its job best when adding two ounces on the black tank after every dumping; in that way, all solids and papers are liquified; in this way, Digest-It also aids in preventing the RV’s tank sensors from malfunctioning. 

Unique’s Digest-It is also proudly made in America and complies with all state dumping laws and ordinances. 

It also checks out all the boxes; it is free of formaldehyde and bronopol, making it safe for campgrounds and home use making you confident to use them around pets and children. 

A bottle of Unique’s RV Digest-It has enough solution to last you for sixteen treatments. 

Aqua-Kem RV Holding Tank Treatment

  • 3-in-1 multiple purpose product
  • Versatile and multipurpose
  • It contains toxic formaldehyde; not eco-friendly
  • It needs to use more in the summertime

One of the more popular brands of holding tank treatment sold by Thetford — is the Aqua-Kem. 

Aqua-Kem is a concentrated liquid RV holding tank treatment that’s proven to prevent clogging, eradicates odor from tanks, and liquefies waste and tissue. 

The Aqua-Kem formula carries an effective and robust deodorant that works in every weather situation. 

Aqua-Kem also works as a detergent that cleanses tank walls and drain lines for extra cleansing. 

Aqua-Kem leaves a fresh scent that could last for the rest of the day. 

It is a versatile product that can be used in various functions and places, from boats to marine use, in the household, and the RVs. 

Thetford claims their formula is biodegradable; with that in mind, this formula contains toxic formaldehyde, so consumers should be sure that they dispose of the bottle safely and correctly.

We also highly recommend the use of gloves when handling this product. 

Our pick includes 3.8 liters of product, approximately a gallon, and could last you for a long time. 

Caravan RV Sensor and Tank Cleaner

  • Hassle-free
  • Allows custom dosing
  • Bulky container not for traveling
  • Liquid formula can spill 

Nobody wants to drive around in a smelly RV. The good thing is you do not have to when you can use Caravan’s RV Sensor and Tank Cleaner to treat your RV’s black tank. 

The Caravan RV Sensor and Tank Cleaner are proven to be 95% successful in clearing out tank clogs and having your sensors working correctly.

Caravan advises to rinse the tank first and give it a more extended period to soak for it to work and increase the product cleaning capacity; most tanks can clean overnight, but the older, shabbily cleaned tank will take longer to clear out. 

The Caravan RV Sensor and Tank Cleaner are made with enzymes that feed on waste once in contact with the black tank’s water, breaking down waste and tissue paper and getting rid of the foul odor in the process. 

This treatment is also proudly made in the US and tested by day-to-night RVers. 

This product has a particular plant-based formula and is practical, making it both efficient and safe for the environment and for us to use. 

The product contains almost a liter of formula, plenty enough to last you for a long time. 

Cabin Obsession Septic Tank Treatment

Septic Tank Treatment - 1 Year Supply of Dissolvable Easy Flush Live Bacteria Packets (12 Count) - Best Way to Prevent Expensive Sewage Backups - Made in USA
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  • One year stock container
  • Versatile and multi-purpose
  • No custom dosing
  • Designed for regular long-term use

If you are looking for a treatment for your RV holding tank that is not high-maintenance and gives you the efficiency of a once-a-month check-up and clean-up for your holding tank, then we have Cabin Obsession’s Septic Tank Treatment for you. 

Cabin Obsession made these packets designed to be used once a month, formulated to break down waste and tissue, and help keep your RV’s holding tank running smoothly. 

Cabin Obsession’s treatment contains billions of active bacteria made to reduce solid waste, including the stubborn hard-to-clean sludge from last time’s cleaning, saving you hundreds of dollars you would have used for a repair. 

Cabin Obsession eliminates odor not only on your RV’s septic tank, but it works on boats, marine holding tanks, and your camper’s toilets, too, making the product versatile at cleaning and deodorizing. 

The Cabin Obsession RV Holding Tank Treatment is all-natural, friendly to the environment, and proudly made in the USA; Cabin Obsession crafted these dissolving packets with the health of waterways in mind, so you feel confident to use them without adding harm to the environment. 

Each tub of Cabin Obsession’s Septic Tank Treatment contains a year’s worth of twelve once a month used packets, saving you money from the constant need of restocking. 

Green Gobbler Holding Tank Deodorizer and Treatment

  • Smells great
  • 30-day money-back guarantee on Amazon
  • No custom dosing
  • No indication of eco-friendliness

Foul odors coming out of the toilet and circulating in an enclosed vehicle can be unendurable even at a short time; here is an RV holding tank treatment that could remedy that: the Green Gobbler Holding Tank Deodorizer and Treatment. 

The Green Gobbler Holding Tank Deodorizer and Treatment works effectively in digesting waste and tissue papers to prevent build-ups and clogging and at the same time works as a long-term deodorizer to mask nauseating septic tanks smell. 

The Green Gobbler comes in an easy pre-measured and pre-packed pod that you just drop and flush on the toilet, no-hassle, no measuring, and as easy as pie.

The Green Gobbler is a versatile product that can be used not just in your RV’s holding tank; it is a marine-grade product and can also be used as a Porta Potty treatment. 

There is no documentation regarding the eco-friendliness of these pods, so precautions are needed in handling and disposing of this product. 

A pouch of the Green Gobbler Holding Tank Deodorizer and Treatment contains ten pre-measured and pre-packaged pods that are water-soluble. 

Types of RV Holding Tank Treatments

There are different types of RV holding tank treatment in the market, and learning about what sets them apart is integral to choosing what’s the best fit for your needs. 

Liquid RV Tank Holding Treatments

Liquid RV Tank Holding Treatments

The most common variety available in the market right now, with every possible brand making its own. 

Liquid holding tank treatments are usually concentrated and effective.

They are generally easy to follow — you just read the directions on the labels. 

Usually, you add water to the toilet bowl before pouring some of the liquid holding tank treatment according to the specified amount on the label, flush your toilet, and that’s it. 

Liquid holding tank solutions come in all different scents and sizes, but the downside is they’re usually not eco-friendly. 

It’s advisable to keep them away from pets and children and to wear gloves when using such products. 

Tablet RV Tank Holding Treatments

Tablet RV Tank Holding Treatments

Tablet treatments are similar to pods and capsules in a way that they are pre-packed and pre-measured. 

They are also easier to use, as all you need to do is throw a pod in the toilet, and wait as they work their magic. 

Unlike pods and capsules, Tablets can be customizable as they could be cut in half. 

We advise you to use gloves when you are handling this holding tank treatment. 

Tablets are also more travel-friendly as they don’t come in bottles and are easier to keep. 

Chemical RV Tank Holding Treatments

Chemical RV Tank Holding Treatments

Chemical holding tanks treatment is the more old-timey treatment used by many old-time RV users before the dawn of manufactured holding tank treatments. 

These are pure chemicals like formaldehyde to mask the odor coming out of their RV’s toilet. 

Formaldehyde also works well in disintegrating solid waste. 

One downside to using formaldehyde as an option is how it is not safe for you or the environment; precautions in keeping and disposing of them is a necessity. 

It also kills the bacteria that naturally break down waste over time.  

What is the best RV Holding Tank Treatment?

Now that the ten products for treating your RV holding tanks we recommend are introduced to you and now that you know what types of holding tank treatment are available in the market for you to choose from, we answer the question of what is the right RV holding tank treatment out there? 

Before we focus on answering that question, we need to answer another. 

What does a good RV holding tank treatment have to do to be considered the best? 

First, the holding tank treatment should eliminate odor.  Second, it should prevent clogging or at least aid in speeding the process of breaking down waste. Next, the treatment should keep the sensors clean and working accordingly. Lastly, it should be versatile, has multiple uses, and works with all camping styles. 

These are four things you need to look out for in choosing the proper holding tank treatment that fits your every need. 

With that in mind, let’s look at each product type and see how they compare in our checklist. 

Chemical/Formaldehyde Tank Treatments

Chemical Formaldehyde Tank Treatments

  • Can eliminate odors and mask the bad smell in the toilet for its strong scent
  • Can work with dry camping, hookups, and other camping styles
  • Doesn’t help in removing solid waste from clinging into the sensor probes
  • Doesn’t prevent the buildup of waste as well clogs

As stated above, chemical treatments, particularly formaldehyde, are used as an RV holding tank treatment by old-timey RV users. 

Most chemical treatments included on our list have formaldehyde or bronopol in their formula as these chemicals keep tank odors at bay. 

The bad news is chemical treatment does more harm than good. 

For one, the bacteria inside your holding tanks break down waste such as human feces and tissue papers on your black tank and oil and grease on your silver tank. 
They aid in easing the liquefying process of waste to avoid clogging in both your black and silver tanks. 

Chemical treatment aids in odor-elimination by masking the foul odor coming out of your tanks or making a sheath above the water to encapsulate the waste and, in turn, preventing odor from carrying out. 

Odor masking is not always ideal, as other consumers often choose products because they are free from odor.

Strong fragrances can sometimes make the foul odor smell even worse.  

Another thing about having formaldehyde in treatment formulas is that they are often not safe and highly toxic, not just for the user, the aerobic bacteria, but also for the environment. 

To sum it up, chemical-based treatment: doesn’t eliminate but instead, masks toilet smells with artificial and strong fragrances. 

It does not do the best job at both preventing clogs and build-up and removing solid waste from sensor probes. 

Chemical-based treatments are all versatile and can work in any camping style. 

Enzyme-Only Tank Treatments

Enzyme-Only Tank Treatments

  • Can work with dry camping, hookups, and other camping styles
  • Can help in removing th solid waste, which is clinging into the sensor probes
  • Can prevent waste buildup and clogs
  • Doesn’t remove stinky and smelly tank odor

Enzyme-based RV holding tank treatment is a well-known and popular solution because they work in many kinds of weather, including hot and cold.

No need to work around whether or not your holding tank treatment could withstand extreme weather conditions. 

Enzyme-based treatments effectively break down waste in your holding and are thus effective in preventing clogged tanks and plumbing pipes. 

A downside of enzyme-based formulas is that they do not do a great job at preventing or deodorizing foul odors as they are organic and odorless; still, their ability to break down waste and your tank’s foul odor is easily contained. 

Enzyme-based products are also environmentally friendly and safe to use. 

When judged with our criteria, enzyme-based tank treatments do not eliminate odor but what it does is control the odor. 

Enzyme-based treatment does a great job in preventing clogging and removing waste that clung to the sensor probes. 

Lastly, it’s versatile and works well with any camping style. 

Mineral/Salt Holding Tank Treatments

Mineral/Salt Holding Tank Treatments

  • When used alongside a bacterial product, it can eliminate unnecessary odor.
  • Can be used in all camping styles
  • Doesn’t prevent waste buildup and clogs
  • Doesn’t help in removing the solid waste that clings to the sensor probes

Mineral or salt-based holding tank treatments are a recent addition to the treatment market. 

Such products apply mineral compounds to deal with bad odor-causing bacteria. 

A significant component in the ingredients of mineral treatment is zinc which is known to be efficient in attacking odor-causing bacteria. 

The zinc used in these treatments is sadly harmful to humans and the environment, so extra precautions are needed to handle and dispose of such products. 

They are reliable when used safely, as the directions would instruct.

Mineral treatments are recommended for use in hot weather for campers who struggle with foul odor when temperatures soar. 

Mineral-based treatments, just like chemical-based treatment: do not eliminate but instead, mask toilet smells with artificial and strong fragrances. 

It also doesn’t do the best job at both preventing clogs and build-up and removing solid waste from sensor probes. 

Mineral-based treatments are all versatile and can work in any camping style. 

Bacterial Holding Tank Treatments

Bacterial Holding Tank Treatments

  • When used alongside a bacterial product, it can eliminate unnecessary odor.
  • Can be used in all camping styles
  • Can help prevent waste buildup and clogs
  • Can help in removing the solid waste that clings to the sensor probes

Bacteria-based holding tank treatments are another type of standard holding tank treatment widely available in the market. 

These are dominant in the organic and bio-degradable variety. 

These bacteria multiply exponentially in direct contact with your black tank’s water and break down the solid waste for the bacteria to feast on. 

The main components of bacteria-based treatment are aerobic or good bacteria. 

When consuming the waste, these bacteria excrete byproducts in the form of carbon dioxide and water. 

They are essentially turning your waste products into the air for plants and trees. 

A downfall to bacteria-based products is that their effectiveness is limited to temperatures not above eighty-five degrees Fahrenheit. 

Bacterial holding tank treatments, on the other hand, checks all the boxes in our criteria. 

It eliminates odors by breaking down waste into carbon dioxide and water. 

It also both prevents clog and waste buildup and aids in removing waste from sensor probes. 

Bacterial holding tank treatments are also versatile and can be used in a wide array of ways, including different camping styles.

RV Holding Tank Treatment Chemical / Formaldehyde Tank Treatments Enzyme-Only Tank Treatments Mineral / Salt Holding Tank Treatments Bacterial Holding Tank Treatments
Eliminate odors / mask the bad smell yes no yes yes
Prevent clogs and waste buildup no yes no yes
Keep sensors clean working properly no yes no yes
Works with all camping styles yes yes yes yes
Example Product Thetford Aqua-Kem Walex Bio-Pak Happy Campers Organic Unique RV Digest-It
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